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Here at ADS Equipment, we take the headache out of worrying about your computer system

We provide IT services and strategic plans for companies that are small working out of their home to large schools with hundreds of users…And we can do the same for you!

Services we provide
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Server and Network continuous monitoring and maintenance

We offer services that fix and tweak issues on your backend server and network additionally we also offer monthly monitoring of your network to provide the client with the best working environment on a day to day basis.

PC Repairs

Our Techs are driven to provide to you the best quality of service on repairing your PC in our shop or at your place of business. This gives you or your employee the best turn around time to make sure you see very little down time of productivity.

WiFi setup and Optimization

With the vast growth of devices in your hands there has to be a infrastructure to support your information needs. ADS Equipment helps setup and optimize current Wifi systems with best range possible no matter what the environment or budget, as well as offering multiple networks for you and your important guest.

 Virus, Spyware, Malware removal and Internet Safety Education

With the threat of the internet today, many people find themselves in places does not look familiar. Maybe the computer is not acting as it was the day before?

ADS provides solutions that can help remove unwanted intrusions into your systems as well as can teach your staff about internet security and how to browse more carefully on the net.

Emergency On Site Support

There is a saying…. “We are up when you are down!”

ADS Equipment stands by that! We offer Emergency On Site Support no matter what time or day it is. We understand that you work all hours of the day and because of that, so do we.

You can call us Superman because we are here to rescue you!

Manage important data backups

We meet all of your backup needs

  • Offsite backup so if your place burns to the ground Never fear we are here
  • AES end-to-end encryption
  • Reports daily of successful backups
  • Deduplication for optimized windows backup
  • HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 & Safe Harbor compliant
The Way we surpass any other IT firm, is that we don’t only know our industry and can help you with all of your needs. We also are able to speak to people about their problems without making them feel overwhelmed

- Scott Azose, head network engineer

About ADS

ADS Equipment, Inc. was formed in 1978 and was selling main frame computer systems at that time to groups that could afford to own them like City of Tacoma, Pierce County, and the City of Anchorage to list a few. As computers went from mainframes to mini computers, to microcomputers (PC), ADS Equipment, Inc was furnishing computer systems, support and maintenance through each phase of technology change to major businesses and municipalities in the NW region.

As Your Computer guys in Bellevue and the greater surrounding areas of Seattle, Ads Equipment provides a comprehensive range of services for those looking to get the most out of their personal or business computers and Network needs.

Our technicians understand the importance of getting your computer’s back working as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. We offer affordable  rates for basic problems and provide emergency on-site repairs as well. Our priority is providing exceptional customer service, let us meet and exceed your service expectations.

Having problems with your computer or network? Trust our  technicians to solve the issue and get you back to what’s important.

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Our Team

Scott Azose

Scott Azose

Scott Azose, started working at 16 in the IT industry, got a job at a local school where he became familiar with large networks and found his love for for working with computers. One of the parents asked Scott to help out at night with his dental practice and then that started his consulting firm.

Now with over 200 customers of all medium to large businesses, we surpass any other IT firm by thoroughly knowing the industry and speaking to our clients in understandable terms.

Scott Schweiger

Scott Schwieger attended Washington State University and earned his Bachelors degree
in Management of Information Systems in 2004. He has since worked as a Technology Consultant for Protiviti and Data Specialist for T-Mobile.

His recreational interests include hiking, camping and playing guitar. He has travelled in Europe, Central America, South America and India. His favorite books are Shantaram, A Farewell to Arms and Undaunted Courage. His favorite movie is Back to the Future.

Scott Schweiger
Steve Azose

Steve Azose

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